About Us

The Jyotsana College of Education is a state of art teachers college located at Hadbado, Distt- Sidhi Which is about 5 km. away from the Sidhi city in Madhya Pradesh State. The college is affiliated to Awadhesh Pratap Singh University, (APSU) Rewa and recognised by the National council for Teacher Education (NCTE). The college offers two year’s regular course in Bachlor of Education (B.Ed.)

Vision :-

         Jyotsana College of Education envision making desired difference in the social order through the quality improvement in the role and services of teacher acting as an agent of social change, JCE will be seem as leader in the field of teacher education and continue to serve as major source of developing competent teachers in the state of Madhya Pradesh.


Mission :-

         Jyotsana College of Education is committed in equipping teacher trainees with desired teaching methods an skills that are effective tools in importing quality education to school students. Qualified and experienced teaching faculty under the leadership of Dr. Santosh Kumar Dwivedi is striving to exploit the potential of teacher trainees in view of the individual competencies creating a rare blend of traditional and modern values in trainee’s is another commitment of the faculty.

Campus :-

          The Jyotsana Collge of Education located in Hadbado Village, Distt Sidhi (M.P.)

Society :-

Name of the Society    :                  Jyotsana Jan Kalyan Swasthya Samiti, Sidhi

Address                         :                  Jyotsana Public School Campus Near SBI Main Branch Sidhi Distt-Sidhi (M.P.)

Registration No.           :                  3578

Date of Registration    :                  28.12.2001

Activity of Society      :                  Health & Education

Institution of Society  :                  Jyotsana College of  Education Hadbado, Sidhi (M.P.)

Objectives :-

1.      To import quality education according to the B.Ed. curriculum laid down by the APS University.

2.      To equip teacher trainees with desired teaching methods and skills those are effective in importing quality education.

3.      To promote Indian traditional values among trainees and assist them to keep abreast with modern values.

4.      To promote sense of excellence and creativity amongst trainees.

5.      To encourage mass participation in sports and co curricular activities in chiding quiz, Debate , declamation and cultural and scientific activities.

6.      To provide opportunities for keeping abreast with information and communication Technologies (ICT) as a modern tool of teaching learning process.

7.      To develop scientific temperament in trainees so as enable them to use analytic approach in problem solving.

8.      To achieve diversification of the education system to meet the technological and socio-economic challenges of the twenty first centuary.

9.      To promote a sense of a unity, tolerance, understanding and national integration among trainees.

10.    To sensitize the teacher trainees for the protection of environment.